Do Raspberry Ketones Really Work? A Detailed Review

It is a fact that many people are becoming overweight due to the busy schedule and tough daily life routine. A study revealed that about one-third of Americans are overweight and 30% are obese. Many people are craving for ways to lose weight and become smarter and sharper. Many companies have launched several products that seem promising, but it must be kept in mind that weight loss is no easy job. Along with proper diet plan, proper exercise is mandatory to achieve this goal. Among all the products in the market the one which is in everyone’s lips is Raspberry Ketones.

The product is believed to break down fat at the cell level thus causes weight loss. It is also believed that Raspberry Ketones produce adiponectin which increases the rate of metabolism. Raspberry Ketones are the product that gives raspberries their particular strong aroma. This substance is also present in small amounts in blackberries crane berries and kiwis. It has the long history of being used in various cosmetics. It has also been used in artificial flavoring in various eatables like ice creams, soft drinks and in processed food.  The word raspberry may be appealing, but the fact is the product is not at all naturally extracted from raspberries.

Extracting Raspberry Ketones from raspberries is very expensive because out of 41 kilos of raspberries only one dose of the ketone can be derived. The raspberry ketone used in the supplement is synthetically made in the industry. Raspberry Ketones may also seem appealing because the word ketone associates with low carbohydrate food. But the fact is they do not have to do anything about low carbohydrate food.  The results of the product may vary from person to person, but there are no authentic prove or research that admits their effectiveness.

Pros and cons:

There are a number of pros and cons of the product. Talking about the pros of the product, it is believed that it is an effective weight loss supplement because it releases a hormone in the body called adiponectin which is very low in the fat person, which causes insulin resistance. The product may also stimulate the hormones called norepinephrine which increase metabolism.

Alongside advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well. The product is not naturally but artificially made. The hormone norepinephrine may cause anxiety and mood swings. It stimulates adrenal glands which might cause adrenal fatigue and may affect weight loss.

How to take?

The Raspberry Ketones comes in the form of pills. The suggested dosage is two pills day one in the morning and one in the evening with the meals. The suggested dose of the product is 100 mg to 400 mg twice a day as said earlier.

Is it safe?

There is no such data about the side effects of the supplement. It must be noted that research on the Raspberry Ketones is only in its infancy. It has been thoroughly tested on animals and no side effects were observed. However as an artificial flavoring they are categorized by FDA as generally recognized as safe.

Do they work?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific prove about Raspberry Ketones having any weight loss effectiveness in human beings. The studies conducted on rats for Raspberry Ketones showed encouraging results. But this could not be the case for people. It is also of importance that these dosages are extremely high comparative to those you would get by supplementation. There is no use of getting your hopes high just because someone who used Raspberry Ketones lost weight. It could be coincidence or it may not be the case with you. It is also possible that this could be a placebo effect only. Or maybe the Raspberry Ketones actually work, it just that there is no scientific backing up till now.

What do people say about it?

There are hugely varied comments of folks about the supplement. Many believe that this product actually works, but several are of the view that this product only seems promising in the ads but in reality it doesn’t do any good. One of the users said that he actually lost weight within weeks, but another said the only changed he observed in himself is the fruity burp.

Where to buy?

Raspberry Ketones are available online on several web stores. It is suggested that if you are determined to use the supplement, then you must buy it from a reliable source. There is a large variety of these supplements at Amazon.

Last verdict:

The bottom line on Raspberry Ketones is there is no evidence of weight loss in human beings by these supplements with authentic backing. Although the product has been effective on the test subjects, but it is still in the test stages. If you really wish to lose weight and want look smarter, than it is recommended that you find another reliable way which not just promises but also show results.

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Do Raspberry Ketones Really Work? A Detailed Review

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